Snowmobiler Of the Year

Your nominations for this distinguished award are always welcome.  Please see Club President for details.
Due to the Covid Restrictions we did not have a snowmobiler of the year award for 2020/2021.
Congratulations to Dennis Wallan for being nominated for Snowmobiler of the year for 2019/2020.  The club appreciates your dedication to leading club rides, operating the trail Groomer and helping when needed.  He also serves on the Club Board.  Thank you for your service Dennis!
Congratulations to these 3 men, Dennis Wallan, Tom Deeter and Bob Keller for being nominated to the Snowmobiler of the Year Award for 2018-2019.  We so appreciate all their tireless efforts on our behalf by attending club events, grooming trails and participating when and where ever they are needed.  Congratulations again and Thank You for being the wonderful people that you are!
The Snowmobiler of the Year Award goes to Jim Kroeker for the 2017-2018 season.  Jim has volunteered tirelessly for umpteen years and it's about time that we recognized him for everything he has done for this club.  Thank you Jim!